21 noviembre 2019


» Evento: MSXdev
» Fecha: 22/11/2019 al 30/07/2020
» Tipo de evento: Competencia
» Sistemas: msx
» Más información: msxdev.org

Greetings, dear MSX fans and friends all around the world!

We, the MSXdev Team, proudly present the new edition of the longest running international MSX development contest: MSXdev’20.

Now, you might wonder, “But where did MSXdev’19 go?”

Well, as the slogan for this new edition reads, this is a new era, so we got rid of MSXdev’19 in favor of MSXdev’20. The main reasons for this are the following:

Only one category; specifically the “Classic” one. Meaning, we will only accept games for the first MSX generation following the specs that gave birth to this contest in the first place.

No more public poll. As we realized the poll system that was still in check during the last edition was too open for abuse, we lost confidence in the advantages at this point for a special public prize.

Please, check the rules for this edition, and we hope this inspires you to enter the contest. Every development is welcome for MSXdev. So go ahead! Show the world your talent and let all of us enjoy your creations.